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AntrangPragya-the eternal knowledge-the wisdom of upnishads
I look at a painting and see a lovely picture, notice the subject matter, the colors, and have an instinctive sense as to whether or not I like it. An artist will look at the same painting and undoubtedly see much more -


perhaps the use of space, subtle shadings of light, the type of brushstrokes used. I hear a piece of music and perhaps think: "That's a nice tune." A musician is likely to notice much more - the nuances of harmony, instrumentation, rhythmic structure and so on.You get the idea: our depth of knowledge about a subject and the level of awareness we bring to its study, result in finer attunement to the subtlety and nuances that can enhance our understanding.

The veil of unawareness covers human consciousness on three levels: the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Unless the veil over all these levels is lifted, the light of pure consciousness cannot shine. From the heights of enlightenment, the individual is aware of all states—waking, dreaming, and deep sleep—yet remains in the state beyond, turiya.

The word `holistic’ is very fashionable now-a-days, and one often hears people speak of holistic approach. The word `holistic’ contains the word `whole’, which is the true meaning of `healthy’. When there is wholeness of body, mind and self, this wholeness becomes holy. Holy means divine, and without divinity one can not truly speak of holistic practice.

That's the way Hatha Yoga works in theory. But for the vast majority of students, there are numerous stumbling blocks on the road to liberation. Many of these obstacles begin in the body itself. Not only are our physical bodies hampered by obvious difficulties such as inflexibility or lack of strength. The physical body also is an outward manifestation of our mental and emotional states. Over time, both the physical and energetic, or "subtle" bodies begin to manifest our habitual response patterns. In the extreme, sustained physical or emotional trauma may result in illness. But even for generally healthy individuals, our bodies display the characteristics of our personalities and life histories. Unresolved issues may be manifested in energetic blockages in our muscles or in our chakras. These responses can be expressed as either deficient or excessive energy.

The result might be shallow respiration, constipation, scanty and infrequent urination, sluggish gall bladder, dry skin, cold extremities, reduced sweating, diminished menstrual flow, and so on. On the behavioral level, we might see lethargy, fatigue, decreased libido, and general hypo-function.



excessive energy is dissipated by increased bodily functions.... sweating, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, runny nose, frequent urination, skin rashes, or heavy menses may occur. Behaviorally, the excess may be dispelled through laughter, crying, garrulousness, fidgeting, and hyper-functions of any sort. There is a fluid and interactive relationship between our mental, physical, and spiritual energies.

But if we're interested in transforming our lives - mentally, physically, and spiritually - we need to confront our habits and patterns. The practice of AntrangYoga can be an extraordinary tool in this process, if it is used sensitively, and if we are open to its potential. Learning to balance the subtle body can help us to balance the physical body, mind, spirit, and emotions. The key is to maintain Yogic attitudes of compassion and detachment, in which we observe without judgment and work to bring balance without blame or criticism.

The deeper we go, the more transformative the process will be. I believe that the depth of a Antrang Yoga practice is measured more by our sensitivity to our own inner experience than to mastering ever more impressive asanas. A trained gymnast could perform the most challenging Yoga poses, but without the awareness of the deeper spiritual purpose behind the practice, can a physical arrangement of the body be called Yoga? Conversely, a Yoga student who becomes paralyzed may lose the ability to perform asanas, but retain the clarity of mind to meditate deeply and live life in fulfillment of the deeper message of Yoga.

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