Homeopathy & Children
I believe that the greatest benefit that homeopathy has to offer is to the well being of children. Children and babies, in particular, are virgin beings that often have not been polluted by the onslaught of toxins in our modern societies. Unfortunately, much of conventional medicine involves the administration of repeated doses of toxic drugs. These drugs, many would argue, are not very wholesome for the long-term health of adults. For children, the matter is several fold worse as their developing systems can be easily injured. Allergies of various sorts can be developed from the deleterious effects of medicines in these formative years.

Homeopathy allows the treatment of many childhood conditions without the use of these harmful drugs. Fevers, routine childhood infections, difficulties with teething, constipation, and coughs are all often easily treatable. Behavioral problems like temper tantrums, attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, and anxieties can be addressed as well.

Many have observed that children treated with homeopathy grow up to become healthier adults. In homeopathic theory, illnesses that are not managed holistically can be suppressed. For example, a severe diaper rash that is frequently treated with diaper rash creams containing ingredients like zinc oxide will often effectively remove the rash on the level of the skin. However, the “disease entity” will not disappear but will rather be “pushed in” to deeper levels of the organism. A condition like asthma can result. Similar scenarios are possible with antibiotics and steroidal medications.

In homeopathy, the body is viewed as an interconnected whole. Bodily organ systems are not viewed separately and independently. If an ailment is suppressed on the level of the skin, it can go to a “deeper” organ like the lungs, the joints, or the stomach. Likewise, if a condition has resulted from a history of suppressive treatments, the “disease entity” can be pushed back out with homeopathic care, in an almost reverse order, and then finally be truly eliminated.

By avoiding the use of toxic medications and by not suppressing illnesses, children are enabled to thrive and grow into adulthood, unhindered by the burden of chronic disease that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our times.


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