Essence of Antrang Pragya Homeopathy
Concept of health and disease

Antrang pragya homeopathy considers health as a state indicating harmonious functioning of the life force leading to a peculiar sense of well being. Our unawareness of the constant processes that are constantly taking place within, characterize that sense of well being.

Antrang pragya considers disease as a state indicating disharmonious functioning of the life force. We become aware of this disharmony by the loss of that sense of well being which we have learned to accept as normal. A little later we become aware of some of the processes within which are thrown out of gear. To begin with, this awareness is only vague. As the disharmony progresses, more definite indications start appearing, first in the form of symptoms, then followed by signs. The homeopathic physician, therefore, considers as a deviation from health which is made known to him through signs and symptoms.

We then find Antrang Pragya taking an extremely practical view of things and directing a clinician to an exhaustive study of the manifestations of a disease with special emphasis on the causative environmental factors. We also see that Antrang Pragya directing clinician to study the patient as an individual instance of the disease, noting the characteristics that differentiate one from the other instance of the same disease. This leads us on to the concept of individualization.

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Concept of individualization

We have seen that disease represents to us the reaction of the patient to unfavorable and that this reaction manifests through signs and symptoms. The pattern of this reaction, therefore, will not only be determined by the factors which have caused the illness but also by the constitution of the afflicted person.

When we study an individual we not only study the bodily configuration but also the intellectual and the emotional attributes as revealed to us by the reaction to the environment, thus the characteristics in the physical as well as in the intellectual and the emotional spheres reveal the individual to us.

We are all aware that no two individuals are exactly alike, except uni ovular twins. From this it logically follows that their reactions even to identical disease producing factors will necessarily differ in certain details although retaining some common features which enable the nosological classification of diseases. It is these differences which enables the homeopathic physician to separate on instance of the disease from another.

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